Countdown to Himchan’s Birthday 2014. D-DAY: Happy birthday, my love.

April 19, 2014. To the man who never failed to inspire me and make me proud, Kim Himchan, happy birthday. I know you may not read this but I’m still typing it in anyway, because I want a lot of people, if not the world, to know how much my life has changed when I knew about you. It has only been one year since I heard about you from my best friend, but it was indeed the best year I had in my life so far. It’s amazing how you can always, always bring a smile up to my face even during the darkest times. You were probably born for that reason - to make not only me, but also a lot of people, smile. You inspire me, too. You inspire me a lot. You give me hope, you make me believe in myself with the cute little tweets you give us fans, and you always make me remember that I have a reason to live, most especially at times that I feel like giving up. As another year in your life has passed by, I hope you continue making people smile, making people laugh, inspiring people, and making people proud. I hope you have more, more years to come, because a wonderful person like you truly deserves it. Thank you for being born, Kim Himchan. Happy birthday, and I love you.

140416 B.A.P Jongup @ Live on Earth Dallas
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140416 B.A.P Jongup @ Live on Earth Dallas

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Countdown to Himchan’s birthdayDay 0  Happy Birthday to my favorite visual, Kim Himchan! 

I just want to say that I love you just the way you are, and that you shouldn’t self-reflect on yourself so hard. Us babyz love you and support you and although there are people out there who will bring you down, always remember that we’ll be there to bring you back up. You’re perfect despite any flaws that you could possibly have. Don’t ever change no matter what anyone else says and remember that we will always love you. 

Kim Himchan’s Emotions! (x)


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Happy Birthday Himchan!

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uh...happy birthday himchan?

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Happy Birthday Kim Himchan ♥

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